Kara – Selfie


British model Kara takes a few selfies in this fun, flirty set from photographer Joby Rawlins. Part Armenian, Kara takes a page out of the Kardashian playbook—fine-featured yet full-figured, she’s sure to turn any red-blooded man right on. “I’d describe myself as erotic,” she says. “My ideal date is a bit stereotypical—flowers, candles and a nice dinner. When it comes to sex, though, that’s a different story! The craziest place I’ve ever done it was in a sauna.” If that doesn’t fog up your glasses, just wait until you see Kara in the nude. Camera in hand, she’ll show you exactly what she means by the word ‘erotic’—trust us, this one’s one of the hottest Brits you’ll ever see. It’s lights, camera and action with International model Kara, only on Playboy Plus.


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