Victoria Antoinette – Fueled Up

Hop in and go for a ride as Victoria Antoinette stars in her third feature from the photographer, Madeline Northway, and creative director, Heather Jones.

On location in Los Angeles, California, Victoria poses alongside a classic car. Originally from Georgia, she recently moved to California to cont inue her career as a model, stylist, and studio manager. “I just moved to LA in August, and I already feel at home,” she smiles. “It brings me joy knowing that opportunities are here.” Since the move, life has been great. “I absolutely love my life,” says Victoria.

“I’m passionate about life [and] inspiring others around me.” For Victoria, being a mother and following her dreams is empowering. “Playboy means equality. As a woman of color, older than most models, with two children, I was elated to be asked to be a part of the family,” shares Victoria. “Female empowerment means showing up and encouraging others.” But what makes Victoria feel her best self is when she is…CONTINUE

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