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Sweet, sexy and petite are a few ways to describe brand new Amateur model, Tabitha Elm. Making her Playboy debut on set in gorgeous Mexico with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes, Tabitha is thrilled to be right where she is. “I absolutely couldn’t believe it,” she tells of her Playboy story. “I want to be a Playboy model because it’s a great opportunity to be a little part of the history of this iconic empire!” When it comes to posing nude, it’s no big deal for the lovely Tabitha. “I feel confident in my body, and that is what matters,” she shares thoughtfully. Watch as she exudes confidence just perfectly as she sways her hips to the rhythm of the music, slowly pulling aside her knit bikini to show all her new fans just what she’s working with. Totally natural and sexy, Tabitha has a kind of seductive energy that cannot be matched. “My best assets I think would be my eyes, legs, and lips,” she tells us. When it comes to the opposite sex, Tabitha looks for three specific things. “What I look for in a partner is confidence, humor, and be a little taller than me,” she says. Fall for the lovely Tabitha Elm, right here only on Playboy Plus!

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Tabitha Elm – Bio:

Birthplace: Bellingham, WA

Tabitha Elm is truly one of a kind. A beautiful blonde from the Pacific Northwest, Tabitha has a look that’s all her own to go along with her sweet personality. “I grew up in the PNW,” she says proudly. “It’s a beautiful place full of hiking, boating, and rocky beaches.” Newer to the modeling world, Tabitha is dedicated to making her face known while perfecting her craft, one photo at a time. “I have a little bit of modeling experience. I’ve been modeling for the past year now and trying to grow,” she tells us. Lucky for her, we absolutely loved her sultry look and had to have her shoot. “My photographer messaged me on social media! I absolutely couldn’t believe it,” she says with a big smile. “I collect vintage Playboys, and It’s a great opportunity to be a little part of the history of this iconic empire,” she gushes. “I’m not any less of a feminist because I like to pose nude. I feel confident in my body and that is what matters!” When she’s not posing for Playboy Plus, you can usually find this petite, all-natural blonde, studying, or working out. “In my spare time I love to work on my aerial silks and do yoga on the beach,” she shares. “I’m also going to start studying sexology and sex education.” When it comes to her own sex advice, Tabitha says communication is key. “My best sex advice for men and women would be to pay attention to your partner and ask them what their kinks are!” Ask away in the comment section if you’re loving the absolutely divine, Tabitha Elm, right here on Playboy Plus!


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