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Laura Alexis

Red-hot in all lace is our newest Amateur model from Sacramento, California, Laura Alexis. Give her the warmest welcome by enjoying her first pictorial ever on set with photographer, Michael Valentino.

“It came pretty naturally for me to shoot. I’m really comfortable with my body and in front of the camera,” she gushes. “Everyone made me feel great. It was a long day but it was a great day!” she says. Catch this bodacious beauty as she slips off her pink robe, posing for you on a chair, and soon, all nude atop a little shag rug. You’ll be head over heels in lust with this playful cutie in no time. In fact, you’ll be so devoted to her body that it’ll have you wondering how it got so tight and toned — and it’s no mystery, Miss Alexis works as a personal trainer and loves to stay active…CONTINUE

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Laura Alexis – bio:

Birthdate: July 07, 1995
Birthplace: Los Angeles CA
Measurements: 34D-26-38

Eat your heart out for our newest playful and sweet model, Laura Alexis. She’s a California girl and as down to earth as it gets. “I’m originally from Sacramento, and I live in Los Angeles now,” she says as she repositions her long blonde curly locks.

Miss Alexis takes full advantage of her city by spending a lot of her time outdoors. “I love the ocean, hiking and traveling,” she says with a head nod. It’s no wonder why her body is so toned and tight — this lady is a sucker for being fit and working out. In fact, when she’s not modeling, she’s getting paid to keep her body looking amazing, “right now I’m working as a certified personal trainer,” she explains.

“What I love about working out is the challenge. I like to see results, the push for something, and knowing that I worked for what I have,” she says confidently. This lady wasn’t always as outspoken and happy-go-lucky as she is today, “what makes me, me is that I came from a very hard life, and I rose up from that,” she says with a smiling shrug. “In high school, I was the chubby kid, I only had a couple friends and I didn’t really focus on school. But now I love learning, I’m fit and I’m very social.”

When it comes to the opposite sex this lady is looking for someone with the same kind of assertive demeanor that she has. “My biggest turn-on hands down is confidence,” she says. “In a guy, I look for a good head on his shoulders and stability.”

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