Jahla – Intimate Minute

“I would honestly describe my personality as quirky,” laughs the beautiful Playboy Muse, Jahla on set. For her third pictorial, Jahla is dressed in a colorful outfit as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures her having a great time. “My experience with Playboy has been fabulous so far,” she says. “I am very excited to see what the future holds.” With a smile on her face, Jahla undresses with confidence as she tells us how she feels about being a part of the Playboy brand.

“To me, female empowerment looks like a woman who is living in alignment with her true desires,” she begins. “I love posing nude, and I’m proud of the photos I’ve taken. I am happy that my photos will live on forever, and future generations of my family will always know what I looked like, and what I stood for.” Learn and see more about the lovely, Jahla, right here…CONTINUE

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