Elilith Noir – Feeling Free

Well known for her Playboy Girlfriend features, the gorgeous, Elilith Noir now graces Playboy Plus for her second solo pictorial, and the results are stunning. On location in Thailand, Elilith is dressed in a red bikini and cover-up, as the photographer, David Merenyi snaps away at his camera. Feeling beautiful and free, Elilith lounges around her villa and undresses to show off her lovely figure.

“I first heard about Playboy when I found my dad’s magazines when I was 11. I remember I was more fascinated by the exotic locations than the nudity,” she laughs. “Before I started modeling, I had never been abroad, and here I am now, shooting with Playboy in Thailand! Life can be so funny sometimes.”

A successful model, Elilith is usually trotting the globe from job to job, so when she’s not working, she loves to relax with a good book. “I love reading books,” she gushes. “I studied arts and literature at university!” Get to know Elilith more, right here…CONTINUE

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