Sports and Leisure (2)


If you love a girl who loves to get sweaty and stay active, then this week’s Mashup is just for you. We’re bringing out some of the best kind of girls in this one: the ones who are sexy, sporty, and ready for anything. First up to the plate is California native Cybergirl, Jeannie Santiago, and she’s everything we could ever dream of in a skater girl. Wearing hot pants, a cropped baseball tee teasing the bottom of her large bust, this lady is ready to do some tricks on her board, but she’s even more ready for you to watch her. “I love living in LA, and I love anything that makes me break a sweat. Use your imagination on that one,” she says with a sly smirk. In fact, you won’t need much of your imagination when she starts slowly removing pieces of her outfit to show you all she’s got. “I think being naked is no big deal,” she says. “I’m comfortable with my body, and I act like the whole world is my bedroom!” she tells us, and there’s no doubt we want to take a ride with her. Next up get ready for international Cybergirl, Rebekah Cotton as she warms up for a nice game of tennis. She’s on set in Todos Santos in Mexico with photographer Cassandra Keyes, “I flew all the way from Australia to shoot,” she says, excited of her surroundings. When it comes to staying active this lady uses fun sports like this one to keep her body fit and toned, just the way she likes it. “We decided to play some tennis. I’m really sporty, so I loved it,” she says. When it comes to a tennis partner, Miss Cotton is up for anything, “at the moment, I’m taking things as they come and I’m open to whatever comes my way!” If you think you’re the right fit, break out your racket for this Aussie babe and all the other gorgeous Cybergirls in this Mashup, only on Playboy Plus!

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