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Things are really heating up in this week’s Mashup of the hottest babes… and we mean hot. To cool off, catch each one of them take to the pool for the sexiest relief you can think of. While they may be in teeny-tiny bikinis, these Cybergirls take it one step further, swimming fully nude, letting the water splash and cool every part of their beautiful figures. Take a front-row look at our first gorgeous Cybergirl, Briana Ashley in one of her sets as June 2015 Cybergirl of the Month. She’s outside, soaking in all the sun’s goodness and licking on a popsicle to aid her cool off. In no time, watch as the popsicle hits her skin, melting and running down her perfect curvy body. “When I was a fashion model, I always felt pressure to be a certain height and weight,” says Briana. “They’d always tell me that I needed to lose weight in my hips. With Playboy, I get tons of compliments on my body, and it’s a total confidence booster. I feel so great about myself,” she says with a sweet smile. “This was my favorite look,” she says. “I wore these heart-shaped sunglasses, and Holly let me eat popsicles all day! Talk about the good life.” Up next we have international model, Elle Georgia in an all black bikini. She’s Greek and from a small town in New Zealand. This black-haired, green-eyed beauty is sure to have your heart in no time. She’s outdoors, on set with the grassy New Zealand landscape behind her, ready to give you the ultimate view: her fully nude. “It felt so good to be naked in the water, and the view was simply amazing,” she says in her endearing accent. Indulge in all the wet and wild this Mashup has to offer, right here only on Playboy Plus.

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