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Gorgeous Ukrainian babe, Serena Wood graces Playboy Plus again with her sultry and sexy ways, but this time, she’s changed up her look a little bit. Now, with striking auburn-red hair, her beauty is even more out of the world. Ready to get reacquainted with her loving fans, Serena is outside on a sunbed with photographer David Merenyi, in a figure-hugging striped bikini. Swaying her hips to the upbeat music, Serena is so happy to be shooting again. You’re sure to be reminded just how much you fell for her succulent, all-natural figure back when she first shot with Playboy Plus in the Summer of 2016. “I always wanted to shoot with Playboy Plus,” she says. In no time at all, Miss Wood, is happily turning on the bed, taking in the sun’s hot rays, and showing off every curve of her flawless physique. When she isn’t spending her time behind the camera, she’s usually being artistic in another medium. “I am an artist and musician. I also like photography,” she reveals. When it comes to relationships, Serena is definitely one to love a companion. “I prefer to be in relationships, but I like when the man has his own goals in life,” she tells us thoughtfully. If you’re a go-getter, let this beautiful International model know in the comment section below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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