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After spending her summer working and studying abroad, Cybergirl Ivy Jones is most looking forward to relaxing at home before her upcoming exams. “I’m studying archeology and this past summer, I spent a whole month in Belize digging up a Mayan temple, which was pretty cool,” says the busty blonde wearing a white bikini. “I really just want to see most of the world.” With a long list of countries to visit, her bags packed and her passport renewed, the only thing the petite model from Portland, Oregon is missing is a travel companion who wouldn’t mind giving up the window seat for her. “I really want to go to South Africa because I’ve always wanted to go on a safari, and I want to go to Southeast Asia so I could try all the amazing meat dishes they have over there,” says the poolside beauty as she flips her long blonde hair. “I’ve never been to Paris or anywhere super romantic. Perhaps someday.” Escape with Cybergirl Ivy Jones, right here on Playboy Plus.


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