Get Comfortable


Sometimes there’s nothing better than putting on your most comfortable clothes and hanging out on your couch. That’s why we’re inviting you to stay in and relax with the sexy Mashup we’ve put together this week. First up, we’re jogging your memory with the recent model, Skye Blue — who made her Cybergirl debut early this summer. Dressed in her lounging best of a white sweater, white panties, and pink leg warmers, Skye is ready for some much-needed downtime. “I look for people that I connect with mentally and can have hours of conversation with,” says the New Yorker. “The most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom is to be vocal; listen to your partner’s body,” she says. Next up is Linda, a sweet model from Kiev, Ukraine. Just like Skye, Linda’s unwinding in her living room in nothing but a sweater and a smile. “I’m a friendly person,” she tells us. In fact, the outfit she has on now isn’t so far from her nightly routine. “I wear nothing to bed,” she says with a giggle. “I feel sexiest without clothes.” Undressing for the camera, these ladies are dreamy, and totally relaxed, right here only on Playboy Plus!

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