Francy Torino – Boardwalk Beauty


Meet Italian beauty and Newcomer, Francy Torino. A professional model from Turin, Italy, Francy is sure to knock you off your feet with this first lovely pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. “I grew up in a little town with many parks — I’m a country girl,” she says about herself. “I’m reserved and rather shy, but I feel really at ease posing nude and showing my body,” she adds with a wide smile. Getting totally comfortable on set, Francy strolls down the boardwalk in her figure-hugging swimsuit. Tall and absolutely beautiful, Francy begins to peel off her one-piece while the wind blows through her long blonde hair. Sultry and not the least bit shy, she will wow you with her all- natural curves and long, long legs. “I like to pose nude because I like my body,” she says with a sweet smile. “I am very tall; I have a pretty face, nice butt, and fantastic abdominals — I like my abs, I think it is a unique feature that makes me different!” If you’re loving this first sexy pictorial, make sure to stick around for more from Francy, right here on Playboy Plus!

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Francy Torino – Bio:

Francy Torino will blow you away. With her elegant supermodel look, sweet demeanor, and love for trying new things, Francy is sure to become one of your favorite Newcomers in no time. Coming to Playboy Plus all the way from Turin, Italy, Francy has been modeling for most of her adult life. “Since I was a young girl I have always had an interest in the world of fashion and photography,” she says. “When [I was] 18-years-old I made my first photo book, and this passion then turned into a profession,” she explains. Now a full-time model, Francy is thrilled her career has taken her to Playboy Plus and has one of her close friends to thank for that. “A Playboy model asked me if I would like to become a Playboy model too, and I was enthusiastic about the idea. So she sent my best pictures and they chose me,” she exclaims. “I like to pose nude because I like my body and I feel at ease to show it to other people!” Outside of her professional life, Francy describes herself as a bit shy. “I’m an unusual girl,” she laughs, “I’m reserved and rather shy. I grew up in a little town [so] I’m a country girl,” she says. When she’s not in front of the camera, you can usually find the beautiful Francy keeping fit, shopping, or spending time outdoors — all of her favorite things. “In my spare time I like to go running outdoors,” she says. “I also like to go shopping and go to the beach in the summer — I love swimming and sunbathing!” Learn more about the lovely model, Francy in her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!

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