Flavia Monti – Playboy Brazil


There must be something in the Brazilian water because the South American nation is full of curvy, beautiful women like Playboy Brazil’s Flavia Monti. Busty and tanned with a plump booty, Flavia had plenty to flaunt for photographers Jaime Pilnik and Renan Rêgo. “I was very comfortable on camera and I tried to show that during my shoot,” she says as she straddles her white couch and works her favorite body part for the camera. “The part of my body that draws the most attention is my butt. It looks good, right?” Showing us what she thinks makes her homeland so beautiful—its beaches and jungles—the curvaceous brunette lets us in on a little secret about the lush Amazonian landscape. “One time, I had sex in the middle in the Amazon jungle. You have no idea how good it was,” she says as she bites down on her pillowcase. “I was on a hiking trail when I received a look that dominated me. It was delicious. I did something I had never even thought of. I just want to repeat that experience.” Welcome to Flavia Monti’s jungle of sexy secrets, right here on Playboy Plus.


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