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The lovely new Amateur model, Diana Lark is dancing it up in her bedroom for her first pictorial. Having an absolute blast swaying her hips for the camera, she’s thrilled to be showing off her curves on Playboy Plus to all her new fans. “Playboy found me,” she says. “I was flipping through the news and saw an announcement about a casting. I decided I couldn’t miss this chance.” And it’s great that she didn’t. Dressed in a white flowing tank, jeans and a sweet smile, Diana is fun and full of energy. You’ll fall for her more and more as she begins to lose pieces of clothing, only to get into her big bed and continue undressing. All natural, it’s hard not to be entranced by her succulent curves. In her own bedroom, Diana likes openness and communication. “My best sex advice for both men and women is to always say what you want,” she says. “Listen to the desires of your partner, and don’t be shy.” If you’re loving this outspoken lady, let her know in the comment section below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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Diana Lark – Bio:

Birthdate: December 16, 1994
Birthplace: Kiev Ukraine
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 104 lbs

You’ll fall head over heels for International babe, Diana Lark. With strawberry blonde hair, a sweet smile, all natural curves and bubbly personality, Diana is truly one of a kind. Coming to Playboy Plus all the way from Kiev, Ukraine, this petite model is thrilled to be taking her modeling career internationally, especially for Playboy. “I was flipping through the news and saw an announcement about a casting. I decided I couldn’t miss this chance,” she tells us of her Playboy journey. “This is an opportunity to emphasize the beauty of the female body,” she adds thoughtfully, in her endearing accent. “Why not increase the number of beautiful things in the world?” A true natural at her craft, Diana has been modeling professionally for a few years now and just recently moved over to nude art. “I love my body! I don’t consider it ideal but it’s completely natural,” she says modestly. When it comes to her own, Diana loves her shoulders. And when it comes to the opposite sex, Diana like her men smart. “The mind is the sexiest part of a man,” she says, smiling. If you’re enjoying this new model, Diana Lark, stick around for her gorgeous and sexy pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!

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